About Us

A&C Global investment Ltd seeks to invest in companies poised for significant growth that operate in industries facing favorable long-term trends.

A&C Global investment Ltd (“ACGI”) is a limited venture investment company established in 2015. Since its establishment, ACGI has focused on cultivating national industries, shaping national brands, promoting economic transformation and emerging industries. A & C Global Investment Limited has registered capital of 1.2 billion GBP, and total AUM of 50.18 billion GBP.

ACGI primarily invests in SMEs, innovative high-tech enterprises, enterprises in emerging industries, and enterprises in start-up period, growth period and in transformation, covering industries supported by national policies, including IT, internet, new media, biopharma, new energy, environmental protection, chemical engineering, new material, high-end equipment manufacturing, consumption goods, modern service, etc. By the end of September 2018, ACGI ranked the first based of the number of portfolio companies and the number of listed portfolio companies: 918 portfolio companies, investments totaling 39.9 billion GBP, 141 of which have been listed in 16 capital markets worldwide.

ACGI brings into full in playing the leading role of VC, and is actively exploring a new mode of economic growth with both public and private sectors. ACGI has established and is managing 102 government guidance funds, totaling 32.72 billion GBP, which formed a national network of investment and service, with an IRR of 40.32%. Besides the government guidance funds, ACGI also manages many commercial funds and joint venture funds.


Our performance is characterized by a record of superior risk-adjusted returns across a broad and expanding range of investments and through all types of economic conditions. We focus on attracting and partnering with exceptionally talented people and on creating an atmosphere which rewards initiative, commitment and integrity.


Our philosophy emphasizes partnership, efficiency and growth. By maintaining disciplined business fundamentals and by backing proven management teams, we maximize value for its investors, partners and portfolio companies. The firm’s investment decisions are developed through comprehensive and diligent analysis, and extensive consultation with industry leaders and experts.


A&C Global Investment Limited is a UK based private equity firm that invests in buyout and growth stage opportunities. A&C Global Investment targets majority or minority investments in businesses with attractive long term prospects and exceptional management teams. We have built our firm on a foundation of intellectual and financial capital with a goal of achieving successful growth over the long term.

A & C Global Investment Ltd

A & C Global Investment is a professional venture capital firm. Since inception, ACGI has continuously developed private industry, supported private brands, and stimulated economic growth via investment into existing and new companies globally.

Our Core Values

  • Sincerity and earnest people-oriented.
  • Pragmatic Innovation
  • We are reactive and have a fast decision-making process
  • We apply discretion in all our dealings

How to Reach Us

  • info@acglobalinvestment.com
  • +44 203 026 7335
  • www.acglobalinvestment.com
  • 47 Charles Street, London, England, W1J 5EL