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Fund Management

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A & C Global Investment

The unprecedented demand on Funds and Investment Management Industry for increased transparency is necessitating general overhaul and versatility.

This further underscores the need for a dependable firm like A & C Global Investment to assist you in the end you want to meet. We bring to shore the great gains of spoils obtained from the deadly waters of risk mitigation while optimizing the profit margin of our commitments; our clients interest.

We cannot gainsay the source of our success to be the blend of our Team' competences and experiences alone, however, we function with established affiliates globally;

Financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds, employing reliable platforms in technology to ensure reliability. This requirements for ensuring this reliability inspires different strategies in line with the objectives; whether it be a start-up hedge funds management or global private equity funds management.

We ensure superior performance regardless of competition or fluctuations ranging from economic contraction or global recession. We are not saying that we are immuned to global crisis, rather, we mean to say we anticipate them and mitigate the probable unintended consequence making it reasonably bearable.

A & C Global Investment Ltd

A & C Global Investment is a professional venture capital firm. Since inception, ACGI has continuously developed private industry, supported private brands, and stimulated economic growth via investment into existing and new companies globally.

Our Core Values

  • Sincerity and earnest people-oriented.
  • Pragmatic Innovation
  • We are reactive and have a fast decision-making process
  • We apply discretion in all our dealings

How to Reach Us

  • +44 203 026 7335
  • 47 Charles Street, London, England, W1J 5EL